Review: Smart Kolkata — The Restaurant

I get rather excited when recommendations draw me to a restaurant. “You’ll like it,” I was told last week which reminded me of a foodie friend who suggested the same place sometime back. read more

Why your kid won’t sit still

Paranoid parents dragging their kids to counsellors for ADHD must realise that kids fidget. And they do it because you and the teacher won't read more

Book Review: Kaw Caw Silly point

This is a funny and serious book at the same time. Maharaj Krishen Kaw joined the IAS in 1964 and retired in 2001 after holding many senior read more

Jogging pants get a stylish makeover
The jogging pants seem to have come of age. From being used mostly in gyms and on treadmills, they are now becoming a dailywear because of t read more


Ajay Devgn beats Salman Khan this month

While Singham Returns gets Ajay and Kareena the number one position, Entertainment gets Akshay and Tamannaah a place in the top 6 in Times Celebex powered by zoOm! for August 2014. read more

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