Pay now or pay forever

Over 17 million people living with HIV in developing countries are on treatment — most of them on affordable Indian generic medicines. read more

The gulf in tuberculosis care

MBBS doctors were more likely to correctly manage ‘patients’ than others but ‘equally likely’ to prescribe antibiotics, the study fo read more

Interpreters of maladies

How good is the public healthcare system? In U.P.’s Mainpuri district, both doctors and medicines are hard to find. It’s the quack who r read more

A city connect

It’s a Coimbatore update like never before. Andrew Sam the founder of the SimpliCity app assures K. JESHI that every bit of information he read more

Photo Finish

Everybody’s going gaga over the Prisma app that turns photos into works of art read more

Care for eyes this monsoon

Just a single drop of rain brings extended smiles to everyone’s face. Reason, it brings with it a welcome relief from the scorching summer read more

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