New name, same values

The Moto G4 Plus keeps the flag flying high for the excellent G series, and demands a price for it read more

The different faces of Pluto

NASA has released all the hi-res images taken by the New Horizons fly-by of Pluto in a single mosaic strip, calling it "the most detail read more

Weekend Being – May 29, 2016

Today's Weekend Being stories: on the battle against superbugs; the importance of tetanus elimination and the repurcussions of the discovery read more

Tweet less to eat right

A study in the journal Cogent Social Sciences that examined the association between consumption of various types of social media and reports read more

What is DNA Origami?

Possibly the geekiest art form, DNA Origami involves making shapes out of DNA in two and three dimensions. This can however only be done at read more

The battle against superbugs

Bengaluru-based labs and start-ups are attempting to design molecules that can be developed into broad-spectrum drugs to combat drug-resista read more

A big boost for public health

Unlike polio and smallpox, the risk of maternal and neonatal tetanus will always exist. Tetanus spores are always a part of the environment. read more

Macbook Pro to go on a diet?

Apple is said to have readied a new MacBook Pro, which would flaunt a much thinner and lighter build. It will feature TouchID support and an read more

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