Book Review: One For The Road

Goa and alcohol have a complex equation, but there could be a lot of misunderstanding over this, a new book published on the subject suggest read more

Have you heard of vajacial?

If you thought that pampering the portion between your legs ended with bikini and Brazilian waxing and tattooing, you are wrong. read more

Planning to get inked?

The craze for tattoos show no sign of waning. If 2014 saw the trend peak with innovative designs, this year it’s all about getting inked i read more

Tips for an eco-friendly beauty routine

If you’re conscious about your environment, why not take up the cause when it comes to following your beauty routine too? Here’s how you read more

How to look good sans make-up

You don’t have to resort to make-up and other fancy cosmetic and spa treatments to look great. The trick is to keep yourself well-groomed, read more

No more moobs, ‘butt’ Naturally!

A British brand has claimed to have come up with jeans that can flatten stomachs and smooth away love handles. Another, for men, claims to m read more

Goa carnival gets literary twist

Carnival saw a novel experiment called 'Book Stops’ - an installation of a free repository of books in the city’s most popular garden Ga read more

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