How to style a pompadour

A hairstyle that suits all men, the pompadour is back in demand. We share tips on how to carry this look. read more

Make a decor statement with tables

Tables can actually help create a focal point in your living room. You can arrange the other furniture around it and give your home a whole read more

How I start my day

I have found that the most fabulous way to start my day is with a smile. read more

Snip off your tresses this summer

We are still in the first quarter of the year and the temperature is already rising. While early mornings and late evenings are still a litt read more

Gender equality in comics soon?

We’ve seen them thrill fans and dominate screen space for ages and now, that tradition might take a historic turn. read more

Book Review: One For The Road

Goa and alcohol have a complex equation, but there could be a lot of misunderstanding over this, a new book published on the subject suggest read more

Have you heard of vajacial?

If you thought that pampering the portion between your legs ended with bikini and Brazilian waxing and tattooing, you are wrong. read more

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