Grammar errors you often make!

Words, whether in speech or in writing, must obey the rules of grammar. Else, confusion and chaos will arise. read more

Meet the chess champ

In a conversation with Hyderabad Times, the rising Chess star Pratyusha Bodda gives us a glimpse of her journey and challenges. read more

How to prevent breakouts after waxing

Breakouts after waxing normally occur due to bacteria that increases the irritation on the skin. Here are some ways you can prevent that fro read more

Pamper your feet the right way!

Ever realised just how hard your feet work everyday? And how often do you give them a break and simply pamper them? read more

You weekend book guide is here!

We get you a varied choice of books that can keep you busy this weekend. Check out this list that tell stories from different arrays of life read more

Be smart when you shop online

While online shopping has grown at an exponential rate in the past few years, industry experts say that it is still in its nascent stage whe read more

Every breath you take

Anxiety is an emotion that all of us deal with on an everyday basis. Worrying about our future, our children, their future, the traffic, the read more

Glam up your eyes with graphic liner

Your eyes are the most expressive part of the body, and lining them adds more glamour to it. To make your eyes look more defined, use a conc read more

Go bananas for beauty!

While it is known that this humble fruit may have a host of health benefits, bananas also offer several beauty benefits. Available throughou read more

Summer kit for your handbag

Check if you have these following things in your handbag before you step out in this scorching heat. read more

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