Are you a control freak?

Do you have strong tendencies to seek control of situations? Have your friends ever labelled you a controlfreak? read more

Get neon hair extensions

With the monsoon well and truly here, dressing up might get a little tedious. People tend to avoid wearing colourful outfits during this sea read more

Trendy hemlines for every do

Half the job of dressing right for any occasion is about choosing the most appropriate length and style. Take your pick from four popular he read more

People pre-castinate to be stress free

A new research suggests that people often opt to begin a task as soon as possible just to get it off their plate, even if they have to expen read more

Decoding a marriage

New-age marriages are beset by many irritants. Experts list out some guidelines for wedded bliss. read more

Pick the right comb to get healthy hair

Dr Apoorva Shah, trichologist shares some tips about the right combs for your hair. He advises a wide-toothed wooden comb is usually ideal f read more

Prostate cancer linked with sex

A study in the US has found that prostate cancer could be caused by a common infection passed on during intercourse, a leading English daily read more

Why obese kids must workout

Parents who want their obese kids to get healthier often focus more on their diets, but don’t necessarily make changes when it comes to ph read more

11 Men you must never court

You are the hottest chick in town and your popularity is at its peak in the college. And when that's the situation, you know how easy it is read more

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