Mini-backpacks are back
No 90s revival wardrobe -of which crop tops, dunagrees and pinafores are staples can be complete without a mini backpack. read more

Draw good energy for your home

In Feng Shui, the exterior surroundings are the most important aspects affecting the chi flowing into your home. read more

5 benefits of calamine lotion
Calamine lotions are an essential part of every first-aid kit. But it also serves a lot of beauty purposes read more

Ace the no-makeup look at work
The phrase ‘less is more’, is the one precious dictum that everyone should adhere to, in order to perfect the au naturel look. read more

Get clear skin with flaxseed oil

While there are several which known for their many oils are beauty benefits -olive oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil, etc, flaxseed oil which is read more

Toddlers remember good times for life$thumbimg127_Nov_2014_212839404-ll.jpg
According to researchers from the Utah-based Brigham Young University, babies are more likely to remember an incident if there is a positive read more

3 major food myths debunked$thumbimg113_Nov_2014_163648601-ll.jpg
Food makes for an essential component in your daily health. So you are few things you have been getting wrong about food. read more

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