Make your home pet friendly

A four-legged friend can completely change the dynamics of your home. Pets are known to bring families closer and even reduce stress levels. read more

Organise a monsoon party at home

Someone once said the best things in life are free. Maybe that’s why when it rains, it doesn’t pour price tags! But if the monsoons have read more

How to fake an orgasm

The reason why as to a man or a woman fakes an orgasm differs from person to person, but faking it helps in overcoming the blues though. read more

Restaurant review: Tadka Singh

Modelled after the dhabas of Grand Trunk Road and transmogrified into a quick-serve format, Tadka Singh dishes out Punjabi khaana in hygieni read more

Fight, kiss and make up

On World Marriage Day, we give you a lowdown on how to settle the little issues, that often blow up to derail a marriage or a relationship. read more

Trend alert – sheer for everyone

Once considered fit for just the bold, sexy and glamorous, sheer is fast getting a makeover. Here's how you can carry it. read more

Drink recipe: Peach blush cooler

On a hot summer afternoon, all you need is a refreshing drink to cool off. Follow the recipe below and stir up a delicious peach blush coole read more

Guide to your woman’s many moods

Dealing with your woman’s moods requires oodles of understanding as well. While there might be no definitive blueprint for this, here's ho read more

5 most unused home appliances

We fancy a lot of stuff that we wish to keep at home, demands for making your home fully up to the mark never ends. read more

How to ensure privacy in a marriage

Even though marriage is all about mutual trust, giving each other enough privacy in certain matters is crucial to happiness in the relations read more

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