Vijayakanth addresses rally in Chennai

After testing much of the crowds' patience, Vijayakanth emerged through the rooftop of his campaign convoy wearing dark shades at 7.15pm. read more

Dogs shortage in police department

The city police could soon be all bark and no bite.A shortage of police dogs is affecting investigation of cases and detection of crime. read more

In need of fortification

The ramparts where dreamyeyed soldiers once sat and penned letters to their loved ones back home has become a feasting ground for crows figh read more

Last House, others await resurrection

The bright red prop stands out against the brown backdrop of a caved in ceiling, piles of rubble, decaying wood and years of bird droppings. read more

Fishing for votes offshore

 The Lok Sabha campaign in the Chennai South constituency went offshore on Thursday with BJP candidate L Ganesan venturing out to se read more

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